5 ways to sauce up your image for an interview!


At Arrow we have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of interviews over the course of 10 years. With that being said we have pinned down some ways you can impress the hiring manager by just following these simple tips!

Dress to Impress – True or False

True all the way! In some cases some can overdress but we say its better to be overdressed than under dressed. Although the million dollar startup fever is taking the world by storm, hoodies and distressed denims are every other millennials dream work wear. Seems like we all want to swap the dress shirt for a casual t-shirt but that comes with consequences. Not every company and organization is ready for that just yet. You would be surprised how many milennials don’t dress for the job they want. And if they do they miss out on some of the obvious DON’T DO’S. If you are interviewing with one of the Fortune 500 it’s no question that a tailored, well fitted suit be the ultimate choice for men, while ladies deck out in a button-down shirt, and a blazer that screams I got this! However, if you are a creative or in the marketing space you can add some style while still keeping it professional. Think turtle neck meets slim fit chinos for men or ankle slim fit pants with a over sized sweater and hair tucked in a low bun.


1. Tie your hair up! Hair can get distracting and draw a lot of attention while communicating. If your hair is neatly tucked in a sleek pony tail, a low bun or even flat ironed dead straight and tucked behind your ears you will have the attention of the hiring manager straight in the eyes without having to move those strands out of your way.

2. Check for stains! Yes its has happened before where the hiring manager would call us and say “ He was great, but had a huge stain on his sleeve.” Make sure there are no stains anywhere!


3. Wear appropriate shoes! If you know anything about style or fashion you would know that shoes can make or break the outfit. It can grab the most attention right of the bat. Make sure your shoes are shiny and appropriate with your attire! No running shoes, no chucks, slippers or even open toes! I once interviewed a beautiful young lady who looked sharp AF and was the ultimate package however her shoes had UNPROFESSIONAL written all over it. She wore a button-down shirt, blazer and skirt and a 5 inch open toe heel!


4. Watch them Claws. A small detail that can go along way. If you are applying for an administrator role or an executive assistant role it requires you type and use the keyboard all day long which means that having long nails may get in the way of you doing your actual job. Keep them short, clean and make sure to use a neutral color. The blues, purples and color pops will have to wait girlfriend!

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5. Smell. First of all if you are a smoker DO NOT have a cigarette before your interview. It seems like common sense but no matter how many gums you chew or cologne you spray on in the elevator we ca still tell! This can cause two major problems; The hiring manager will know that you may take more breaks than the average non-smoker which means less productivity and two that you just don’t smell good! Make sure to use a cologne or perfume before your interview that smells light and airy, anything too deep or strong can be a distraction and you never know if the person on the other side has any sensitivities to smell!

Written by: Huda Alvi

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