Preparing An Effective Resume

Preparing An Effective


In excellent resume can mean the difference between ending up in a company’s “no” file or being selected for an interview. The resume is your opportunity to highlight your qualifications and make a positive first impression. Job seekers that carefully proofread their resumes, have an increased advantage because they have taken the writing process seriously.

Additional tips to keep in mind when preparing an
effective resume:

  • Consider the Format.A chronological resume is recommended. In this format, you begin with your most recent job followed by additional work experience in reverse chronological order. List your education at the end of the resume. Research has shown employers prefer this format to the functional style that’s organized by knowledge and expertise.
  • Highlight your Achievements.Describe your significant contributions at each job and if relevant, how they impacted the bottom line. Devote an extra place to skills and experience that relate to the position for which you’re applying.
  • Emphasize your Certification.Be sure to mention any designations that you have earned, as well as involvement with professional associations. These demonstrate dedication to your career.
  • Summarize your Technology Expertise.Companies seek candidates with top-notch computer skills, so be sure to note your experience with specific hardware, software and databases.
  • Make it Internet & Scanner Friendly.Use ASCII (Plain Text) format to ensure the recipient can read your e-mailed resume. Also avoid graphical flourishes which may not be translated by some resume-scanning software.
  • Be accurate and truthful.Never misrepresent any aspect of your work history or experience.